Sometimes things go wrong

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I have had the worst time with getting my new swing tags printed.  First of all I was dealing with someonw who seemed to have no clue.  He kept sending me emails telling me that the back artwork was too large.  In what way?!  He couldn’t tell me that, could he?  Eventually I call, and am told that this person no longer works there. 

So, in talking to helpful girl, we deduce that the issue is I turned the template 90 degrees to add the text, and so I should just fix it and resend the back file.  No problem.  Done.  Fast forward to today, courier delivers cards, hooray!  I excitedly rip open the backage to find this.  back is fine.  Front is, well, Blank. No front artwork.  So I get on the phone to them quick smart (yes, me, phone!) and ask what on earth is going on.  they have no front artwork on file.   So all files have been resent and job will be redone asap.

In more cheerful news, I picked up a small parcel of fabrics this morning.

Not from my usual supplier, just another place I wanted to check out.  They are Robert Kaufmann japanese inspired fabrics which I think will make nice summer skirts for ladies rather than kids, for a change.  The first one is a lovely lightweight cotton, the black and red is a heavier cotton.

I did very little sewing this weekend, I had better get cracking again!

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