Uncooperative models

August 12, 2008 at 10:04 am | Posted in all you need, australia, Boutique clothing, kids clothing, Progress Reports, sewing, TikiBoo updates, wahm | 6 Comments
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One of the trickiest things in this business is managing to get great photos.  Even trickier when your model is two-and-a-half years old.  And sick of having mummy making her put on pretty clothes and asking her to look at the camera or stand still.  Trickier still when it’s 4:30pm, child is hungry and cranky, you really wanted to take the photos in the kitchen but the light isn’t good enough, your husband is still learning his way around a camera (and doesn’t realise that you left the camera on a custom white balance setting so all the photos turn out blue). But you really, really need a photo for your newsletter that you want to send tonight, so you persist.  And end up having to just minipulate some previous product shots in photoshop!

These were meant to be illustrating our current special offer on our TikiBoo aprons – if you buy a child’s apron and an adult’s apron together, you save upto 15%. (Plus, if you use the code TBAPRON you will receive matching hair accessories!).

Luckily said model is more cooperative when it’s someone other that mummy or daddy taking the photos!


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  1. Oh, cranky Tiki is so cute – I reckon people would love to see some of the less than “perfect” pics on the newsletter, they’re adorable!

  2. My daughter has that face too and I love it, we call it her grumble giggles face, do you have a name for Tiki’s face?

    Such a cutie!

  3. LOL… got to love a 2.5 year old who knows what they want. Nice blog.

  4. She’s still cute even when she’s grumpy ;o)

  5. How funny! You know, they say not to work with kids and animals … but how can you not … they are too cute!

  6. What a cutie – hey, they can’t ALWAYS smile 🙂

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