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Sandi Henderson’s Ginger Blossom is one of my favourite lines of fabric.  Particularly this waterlily print, I adore the colours and the coordinates.  When mine arrived several weeks ago, I was itching to get straight into it, and also to try out a skirt tutorial I found on Tanya Whelan’s blog.

However, the tutorial didn’t allow for overlocking and I, um, well, sort of mucked it up a little bit.  From the outside it looks fine, however some of the inside seams are not upto my perfecting standards (the standards which drive my long suffering mother to distraction and ensure that the unpicker gets a good workout!).   This one is around a size 5/6 so far too big for Miss TikiBoo, so will be finding a home with a gorgeous girl in Sydney who has just turned five-and-a-half.  She hasn’t seen it yet so I do hope she likes it!

Moral of the tale is to not attempt new patterns on good fabric, test it on something cheap to start with!

We won’t be adding these skirts to All You Need, however we will have some gorgeous designs featuring Sandi Henderson fabric, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks until we have had our photoshoot!


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  1. So pretty! How dare you tease us mothers of boys with such adorableness!

  2. That is absolutely adorable. Makes me wish my daughter was little again!

  3. Hmmm … my boys might look quite cute in this skirt! Hmmm … very tempting when I see such cute girls’ clothes!

  4. A lovely little skirt. When will some twirly girly dresses be arriving in store? Just thinking ahead for Christmas 🙂

  5. I am loving that skirt. It’s gorgeous. I want one for BG!

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