Wrapping things up

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Everyone loves getting packages in the mail.  Especially packages which are wrapped nicely. It can make an ordinary day feel like it’s your birthday!

Elizabeth from La Toriana is well known for her beautiful wrapping – thick white paper and persoalised La Toriana ribbon, her packages really are a delight to receive.  She inspired me to try and wrap my parcels nicely, and this is what we came up with.  I try and suit the wrap to the person it’s going to and have 4 different combinations to choose from.  I use tissue paper, but do have “proper” gift wrap available on request.

I’ve had a busy weekend sewing, I’m hoping to get a pile of t-shirts photographed tomorrow and online by the end of the week.

UPDATE – I just saw that Laine at IckleKids has given me a blogging award.  Thank you Laine!

So, now I have to nominate some of my favourite blogs for the award.

Swish and Swanky – Amanda finds the most wonderful things to display on her blog, I love to see what she has come up with.

Pottering About – Another blog of interesting finds…and hopefully some fine creations to come soon!

The Fairy’s Kiss – Sally showcases some of the wonderful designs she sells in her boutique.

All Things Lovely – Kylie shares her creations and inspirations.


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  1. Those wrappings look fabulous – I agree, it’s always fun to get a parcel, but a nicely wrapped parcel is such a treat!

  2. Thank you! My very first award! I can spot my parcel wrapped in all its gorgeousness.

  3. You’re very welcome with the award. I do enjoy reading what you’ve been up to and like I said … you make me want to learn to sew! Maybe one day I will!

    Great looking parcels by the way.

  4. Hi Kathryn, am loving your blog by the way – just discovered it with your competition.
    Am just seconding Skye’s comment, was so great to receive the tshirt all wrapped – it looked lovely and I got to pass the gift on like that too.

  5. I just found the wonderful things you said about la Toriana… thanks heaps… I was so very touched!!!

    am off to check your site for some great goodies

    elizabeth xx

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