Help me spend at La Toriana

October 23, 2008 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments
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I was so excited to learn that I was the winner of a $75 gift voucher at La Toriana.  The only problem is deciding what to get!  Elizabeth, another WAHM, has so many beautiful things in her online boutique.

So, maybe you readers can help me!?  My daughter is two years old and wears a size 3. I have $75 to spend, but I don’t mind going a little bit over.

The person who picks the item/s I like the most will win a prize, from me.  Probably more hair accessories…or if you’re a sewer then I’ll send you half a yard of one of my favourite fabrics!


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  1. lucky you. i love helping others spend their money!!!

  2. ooo what to buy what to buy there are sooooo many stunning things!

    I would go with something she wont grow out of and will eventually become a keepsake for her own daughter or grandaughter
    like the princess bracelet chloe
    its only $20 so you could buy the pearls for lil girls necklace also which is $60
    my daughter has the most amazing baby pink pearl bracelet *real pearls* she got them from my sis who has money to burn
    but I just love them they are going to be treasured forever
    see here….scroll down

    thats my pick!

  3. Enjoy spending your voucher. I think the Tea Princess Bella Rose Gypsy Skirt and the Bella Rose Hand Crochet singlet. Its a little more than $75 but your little one would look gorgeous in it!

  4. I think you should get something for yourself! The bags look gorgeous.

  5. I think the Tickled Pink set would be perfect for your daughter, however it’s not available in a size 3. However, you could get it in a size 4 and save it for next summer ;o)

    I also like all of these!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Haby G! What a terrible problem to have spending a voucher at La Toriana. I am a huge Fairy Floss Creations fan so Lisa’s items will always get my vote. Plus that divine hand crochet singlet.

  7. I was thinking of X Mas when I picked the following:
    Strpies, polka dots and ribbons! Any child will look lovely in them =)

  8. OOh, the chance to spend someone else’s money, how fun! The Sugar Gum dress, so sweet…. oooh, and the Tea Princess Soft Cord Dress Pants. How gorgeous!! Have fun spending your $75.
    And hi from WAHM Shoppes!!

  9. I like the Tickled Pink dress!

  10. Ooh this is harder than it looks, because everything I loved wasn’t in a 3!

    I do really like this Sugar Gum Dress by Three Little Trees

    LOVE this Princess Bracelet

    And any money left over can go towards a Fairy Floss Creation

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