Happy New Year…time for a giveaway!

January 3, 2009 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments
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Well, sort of a giveaway!

My little girl starts at daycare once a week very soon.  One the list of things we need is a sheet bag.  So, I whipped one up this morning!  It’s made from good quality quilter’s cotton and had a drawstring.  her name is appliqued.


As happens, I showed the picture to a couple of people who suggested I add them to the All You Need website…but as with all our products, we need roadtesters and reviews!  So, if you have a kiddy who needs to take nap sheets to daycare, and you’d like to “win” a personalised sheet bag, please do the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your child’s name and age.

2. Go and visit my new blog Mama Loves to Shop and leave a comment on any post there.  (If you’re on blogger, then please follow the blog as well!)  It needs some love!

The winner will be drawn next Friday evening, 9th January.  NOW…

* If I get more than 30 comments from different people, I will draw 2 names. More than 70, 3 names.  So tell everyone…the more comments, the more chances.

* If you blog about the giveaway on your own blog, you will get a second entry – let me know in y0ur comment if you’ve done this.

* I have tons of different fabric designs, so you will get the chance to have some input into the colours of your bag.

**It has just been suggested to me that the bag could also be used as a library book bag!



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  1. Definately something that you should be selling! It is actually something that I have to make for Kaleb for the New Year – opps I mean this year too. But alas is still on the too do list. Need to get to it before Feb….

  2. I love your giveaways Kathryn! Miss Mia would love one of your daycare bags. She turns 4 on Thursday *gulp*.

    x Amanda

  3. Let me know when you’re selling them! Because if I win one I need to buy one 😛

    How about Ben who is 5 and needs a Library bag for School in a few Short weeks.

    Or Bianca,3 who needs a sheet bag for Kindy.

  4. What a gorgeous idea Kathryn. I have 4 1/2 year old twin girls, Riley and Charlotte, who are starting Kindy next year and we need to take a sheet etc for their nap/rest time. These would be fantastic. If I win, I’ll have to commission you to make me another !! he he

    Now I’m off to check out your new blog – you crazy woman!!

  5. I commented on your other blog and followed! I have 4 kids, but this would be great for my 3 yr old Kennedie for preschool! Thanks for the chance! They are too adorable!

  6. Oooh they are SO CUTE!!

    Paige Torney aged 2 and a bit and is always off to swimming/daycare etc so a funky bag like this would be so cool!

  7. Yet another great idea from TBK,
    April (2 1/2) would love a bag, if thats ok?
    It would become a firm fixture on her arm,
    Great for trips to Nannys, and would keep her books warm.

    Cant wait to see them on your website!

  8. Oh what perfect timing . . daycare starts back on tuesday and I was just thinking we need some new supplies!!

    My little girl is called Matilda and she will be 3 in March . .

  9. Forgot to add that they are a fabulously gorgeous idea for every child . . makes them special and gives them something more to enjoy at daycare!!

  10. Oooh ooooh oooh! My little Amelia needs a special bag for her Ballet slippers desperately (we’re using a plastic ziplock one at the moment) She’s 3 and would absolutley love it. They’re GORGEOUS!

  11. I love Will’s library/sheet bag 🙂 Thanks so much Kathryn!

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