Dreaming of Paris…

March 27, 2009 at 9:59 am | Posted in brisbane | 2 Comments
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In less than two weeks, we will embark on our month long trip. Hong Kong, London…then Paris. Part of me wishes than Paris was first – in fact, due to flying Air France, we have a stop over on the way to London, a glimpse of Charles De Gaulle.
But, a whole week in Paris…blissful sigh.  I am counting the days.

Every morning I read my Paris Breakfasts, and live vicariously through Carol’s gorgeous photos and watercolours.  I wish she would stop posting pictures of such delectable pastries, I’m going to come home as big as a house for sure.

Am I chic enough that Garace Dore will stop and beg to take my photo?

Will this be me, frolicking in a pink dress? (I found this on A Cup of Jo)

I love this interpretation of the Miss Dior ad:

Courtesy of lisieuxSHAN at DeviantART



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  1. Oh I’m soooo jealous !!

  2. Oh wow, what a trip! I hope you post lots of pics here of your journey 🙂

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