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Featured_On_Bondville_banne I just received an email from the gorgeous Steph at Bondville, letting me know that she had featured TikiBoo Kids today.

Bondville features all sorts of wonderful hip products,  droolworthy designs and stylish kids, so it was an honour to be featured with such great company.

Thank you Steph!


New TikiBoo…in stores soon!

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We have finally fisnished all but one of our wholesale orders, and they’re shipping this week!

Here’s a sample of some of the gorgeousness which will be in your favourite boutiques very soon!

Pink & Brown dresses


Winter skirts


Thank you to the gorgeous Jazzy, Belinda & Alexandra for being our models, and kudos to Megan of Megan Jones Photography.

PS – We are still running the Facebook fan giveawy, so if you’re not a fan, please become one – and tell all your friends!  Just click on the blue banner to the left to get to our facebook page.


Are you a TikiBoo Kids fan?

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Then spread the word and become a facebook fan!


A local find

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We found some really cute Andover fabrics locally here in Brisbane yesterday!  That’s pretty rare, I usually have most of my stuff sent from the USA, costing me a small fortune in shipping costs.  I found a few funky stripes for boys, then a whole set of an adorable collection for girls.  I’ve just prewashed it all to make a dress for Alexandra as I have a pattern which needs testing – plus I’m not sure whether other people will like it as much as I do!  I also found some top quality elastic for a fantastic price, so it was a good day.

I can’t wait until the weather warms up a bit more so she can start to wear all these dresses and skirts.  I did go searching for leggings the other day so she could wear them now, but couldn’t find anything decent.  This summer is going to be skirts and dresses only as we need to get this toilet training happening, so need to make it as easy as possible!

There are still a few errors in the webstore and I haven’t heard back from the designers which is a bit annoying.

Anyway, here are the skirts in progress.

Skirting the issue

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I set myself a goal last Tuesday of making a skirt a day, I haven’t actually been meeting it – I am onto number 4, although numbers one and four are trials.  But I am getting there, once number 4 is complete I just need to decide which style I prefer, and where to put the new TikiBoo labels. 

This is number 4, in progress.

I am so tempted to start playing with the farmers market…should I, or should I wait for the rest to arrive – possibly weeks if not months?  Maybe just one little skirt?

The new All You Need website is COMPLETE.  I found this out on Friday evening, when I came back to the computer after putting Alexandra to bed, so missed the notification wanting confirmation to switch over!  Devastating!  So it looks like Monday will be the day.

Another fabric delivery

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I picked up the first round of Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson today.

Yes, this is how I open my boxes, ripping into them at the traffic lights!

It’s so lovely, has gone to the very top of my favourite fabric list.  The colours are much brighter and more vivid that they show on screen.

Now to decide what to make!  That’s if I can bring myself to cut into it at all.  I hope I get the rest soon, it’s always hard when you only have part of an order and have to wait.  Waiting, certainly not my strongest attribute!

They arrived!

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I forgot the fedex man was coming this morning and had to quickly discard my fluffy pink dressing gown and throw on a jumper DH had kindly left on a chair by the door! But, hooray, the new TikiBoo Kids labels are here!

They are a white ultrasonic cut foldover style with ‘TikiBoo’ embroidered in a teal colour and ‘Kids’ in a lighter shade.  Nice and simple.  There was also another little label I ordered, but it’s a secret for now.  If I post that one now I’ll run out of things to blog about.

I was impressed with the speedy turnaround and service provided by the place I ordered them from, my first business dealing with an overseas company.  What on earth did we do before email and express shipping?

So, now I guess we have to do some sewing so we have some clothing to put the labels into!  I have just cut out a skirt to make a trial for Alexandra, if it goes well I might add it to the range.

Stay tuned!

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