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Challenge 3 at Blog This: It’s the little things…Simple, everyday things which make your life a pleasure.
Limit of 10 images
…no minimum. You don’t have to be a fabulous photographer, just have fun.
No words required, let your photos tell the story…







I played around with actions on some of them, they needed a bit of spicing up!

Oh…and for those who are waiting, I’m a bit late with the draw, I promise to post the winner tomorrow!



So, what do you think?

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I’ve added a new banner – what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Does it look funny on your screen?  Please let me know!  I’ll be changing the navigation bar, errr, sometime.

The winner of the jeans makeover – sorry – winners, were announced over at La Toriana earlier this week.  We have been in contact with Monique, however Justine, where are you?!  Would love to hear from you.

A new challenge is being announced tomorrow over at Blog This.  It’s a photography challenge this time…so if you’re an Aussie blogger who happens to have a camera, you should join in the fun!  If that’s not your cup of tea, but you like shopping, or more importantly, giveaways and sales, we’re listing them over at Mama Loves to Shop.  It’s all happening!


Dreaming of Paris…

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In less than two weeks, we will embark on our month long trip. Hong Kong, London…then Paris. Part of me wishes than Paris was first – in fact, due to flying Air France, we have a stop over on the way to London, a glimpse of Charles De Gaulle.
But, a whole week in Paris…blissful sigh.  I am counting the days.

Every morning I read my Paris Breakfasts, and live vicariously through Carol’s gorgeous photos and watercolours.  I wish she would stop posting pictures of such delectable pastries, I’m going to come home as big as a house for sure.

Am I chic enough that Garace Dore will stop and beg to take my photo?

Will this be me, frolicking in a pink dress? (I found this on A Cup of Jo)

I love this interpretation of the Miss Dior ad:

Courtesy of lisieuxSHAN at DeviantART


Winter at All You Need

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I have finally managed to get a few little winter dresses and a skirt online at All You Need.  We have a big trip coming up, so they are VERY limited edition and will only be available until April 1st.  AND…we will only be offering one custom made in each design.  Yes.  ONE.  So, if you really want to have something unique this winter, head on over and have a look.

Here are a few of the images from our fashion shoot which did not make it onto the website – these two are the bestest of friends and have such fun together!



I’ll tell you more about our upcoming trip later.  In the meantime, check us out on KidStyleFile, where you will find the secret code to redeem your special gift with purchase.


Much excitement at TikiBoo Kids

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We are so excited to announce that one of our favourite online boutiques,  La Toriana, is now a TikiBoo Kids retailer!  These are the limited edition outfits we designed exclusively for Elizabeth’s gorgeous boutique .  I have to say they are some of my favourite creations, I love the roses, they have such a sweet, romantic look, perfect for little girls this summer.

Photos again by the talented Bianca M, (where you will see more images from the photoshoot).





Two little girls

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Earlier this week the gorgeous and talented Bianca M took some photos for one of my wholesale customers, so I managed to squeeze in a couple for All You Need as well.  Alexandra and her “bestest friend” Belinda were our delightful models.  These two adore each other, so there were many hugs and much hilarity.



If you’re based in Brisbane and have photogenic children or babies upto size 7, we will be putting a call out for models from time to time.  The photos will be used for either our website, blog, customer’s boutiques or possibly print media (advertising, brochures etc).  You will need to sign a release form.  In return we will provide you with some of the photographs taken on the day.  If you would like to register your interest, please contact us via the TikiBoo Kids website.

Busy little bees

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My blogs have once again been neglected, we have been so busy – sewing, designing and reorganising my workspace with some handy shelving and cupboards courtesy of ikea.

It was my birthday on Sunday, I received a wonderful, wonderful gift of a new camera – Nikon D300 and a 24-70mm lens.  I’m still trying to get the hang of it as it’s about 3 times heavier than the old D50 with a nifty-fifty.  So far most of my photos have some camera shake blur.  Photography opportunities will be rare in our hot Brisbane weather, the sun is too strong between about 9am and 3pm but I shall find a way!

Coming up next week is another birthday – All You Need will be celebrating our first birthday.  To be in on the celebrations make sure you have signed up to the newsletter on the website.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the sweet summer TikiBoo Kids dresses I will be adding to All You Need as part of the birthday bash – it’s the perfect party dress!  What do you think?

Uncooperative models

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One of the trickiest things in this business is managing to get great photos.  Even trickier when your model is two-and-a-half years old.  And sick of having mummy making her put on pretty clothes and asking her to look at the camera or stand still.  Trickier still when it’s 4:30pm, child is hungry and cranky, you really wanted to take the photos in the kitchen but the light isn’t good enough, your husband is still learning his way around a camera (and doesn’t realise that you left the camera on a custom white balance setting so all the photos turn out blue). But you really, really need a photo for your newsletter that you want to send tonight, so you persist.  And end up having to just minipulate some previous product shots in photoshop!

These were meant to be illustrating our current special offer on our TikiBoo aprons – if you buy a child’s apron and an adult’s apron together, you save upto 15%. (Plus, if you use the code TBAPRON you will receive matching hair accessories!).

Luckily said model is more cooperative when it’s someone other that mummy or daddy taking the photos!

Skirts and shorts are finished, hooray!

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I finally managed to get the TikiBoo shorts and skirts finished, photographed and into All You Need yesterday.  Using the flashes made things so much easier, although if I had more time I’d play around to get them slightly better.  It took me a while to get them right playing with the settings, until I recalled custom white balance which made a huge difference.  I wonder if Mike will let me keep them?! 

My t-shirts were being shipped today so will hopefully arrive before the end of the week.  I’m going to create some appliques based on Bethany’s Critter Collection cards.  I particularly love the whale, it would look so cute in the aqua disco dot print I used for these shorts:

The swing tags finally arrived today – still not right.  This time they had neglected to punch the holes, yet still charged me for the service.  A small battle going on there, as they want to give me a store credit rather than a refund.  You can imagine my thoughts about that!

Any idea where I can find a punch which makes smaller holes than the type used for regular ring binders?

Lights, camera…

July 28, 2008 at 5:55 am | Posted in australia, Boutique clothing, Designer, kids clothing, Progress Reports, sewing, TikiBoo updates, wahm | Leave a comment
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Hubby and I have started a photography course, it will be great to have a hobby which we can share.  I took the brave step of switching my camera to fully manual mode yesterday while attending a children’s birthday party and have to say it was a great improvement, discovering the correct settings to take indoor shots without the flash.  We’re currently using a Nikon D50 with a 50mm 1.8 lens, but hoping to upgrade, the D700 is on the wish list!

Tomorrow, while the TikiBoo is at grandma’s, I’m going to have a play with the fancy flashes I borrowed from my friend while he is overseas.  He did give me a quick lesson and I did take a few notes so I should be able to manage it.  It will be great to hopefully get some product photos which I don’t have to spend hours photoshopping.

So, all going well I hope to have the TikiBoo skirts in the store by Wednesday.  AND I should have a couple of pairs of cute boy’s shorts ready to add as well.   I was hoping the t-shirts would be here by now, but it’s looking doubtful unfortunately.

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