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Featured_On_Bondville_banne I just received an email from the gorgeous Steph at Bondville, letting me know that she had featured TikiBoo Kids today.

Bondville features all sorts of wonderful hip products,  droolworthy designs and stylish kids, so it was an honour to be featured with such great company.

Thank you Steph!


Let’s have another giveaway!

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A quick little giveaway!  I’m creating a new product and I need to make a prototype for photographing.  It’s a personalised product – so I’m going to be a little bit fussy, sorry!  Entries are open only to those with a child whose name is 5 letters or less!  I know, I’m horrible, but I’m the one who has to make it.  AND I’m not going to tell you what it is either.

So, to enter, please leave a comment telling me:  1. Your child’s name and 2. The colour of their room.  Entries will close 8pm Sunday, Brisbane time.

Easy!  If you aren’t a mummy, or your child’s name is too long you can enter your friend’s child, your niece or nephew…this would make a fantastic gift.


Remember our groovy jeans tutorial?

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This one: Recession Buster Jeans.


TikiBoo Kids has teamed up with the gorgeous Elizabeth from La Toriana to give one lucky winner a chance to have a TikiBoo styled jeans makeover.  See the La Toriana blog for more details.

Note – the winner can provide jeans for either a boy or girl of any age and will have the opportunity to select colours and styles to suit their child’s wardrobe.  Bright & Funky…Soft and Sweet…Loud & Crazy or Shabby Chic!   I have some fabulous fabrics and gorgeous trims so let’s have some fun!

btw – while you’re over at La Toriana, sign up for their newsletter!  They are running some amazing deals and specials for subscribers.


Recession buster jeans!

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I’m sure most of us have a pair of jeans hanging around which fit around the tummy – those adjustable waists rock – but are too short in the legs.  Or maybe you got lucky like me and found a pair at k-mart reduced to $3!  Here is a way to get an extra season from the jeans, or simply a way to create a very cool addition to a little wardrobe and use up fabric scraps.  For a boy, add a cuff instead of the ruffle.


1. Split open the seam of the jeans, usually the inner seam – whichever one isn’t top stitched.  I usually go as far as the pocket.  Cut off the hem.

tshirtgiveaway-00222. Open out the seam and press.  (Now, I missed a few photos of the next steps here, sorry!)


3. Sew on patches!  However you like, there are no limitations.  I back mine with vliesofix (double-sided iron on sticky stuff!) and iron them all on before I sew, but you could do each individually.  The type of stitch you use doesn’t matter either, it depends how much you want fraying.  Experiement with some decorative stitches!


4. Embelish with whatever else you like.  Lace, buttons, patches.  Anything goes!


5. Once you’re happy with your patching, turn inside out then stitch and overlock your seam back together, try and stitch where the original seam was.


6. Make ruffles!


7. Pin ruffle on, then stitch and overlock.


8. Turn rightside out and top stitch the ruffle in place.

jeans019. Find uncooperative model!

If you do make these, I’d love to see photos!


Here are a few more tutorials for embellished jeans!

Quality Time – Hippy Chic

That Darn Kat – Ribbon Jeans Tutorial


New TikiBoo…in stores soon!

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We have finally fisnished all but one of our wholesale orders, and they’re shipping this week!

Here’s a sample of some of the gorgeousness which will be in your favourite boutiques very soon!

Pink & Brown dresses


Winter skirts


Thank you to the gorgeous Jazzy, Belinda & Alexandra for being our models, and kudos to Megan of Megan Jones Photography.

PS – We are still running the Facebook fan giveawy, so if you’re not a fan, please become one – and tell all your friends!  Just click on the blue banner to the left to get to our facebook page.


Winter at All You Need

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I have finally managed to get a few little winter dresses and a skirt online at All You Need.  We have a big trip coming up, so they are VERY limited edition and will only be available until April 1st.  AND…we will only be offering one custom made in each design.  Yes.  ONE.  So, if you really want to have something unique this winter, head on over and have a look.

Here are a few of the images from our fashion shoot which did not make it onto the website – these two are the bestest of friends and have such fun together!



I’ll tell you more about our upcoming trip later.  In the meantime, check us out on KidStyleFile, where you will find the secret code to redeem your special gift with purchase.


Check out the front page of Essential Baby!

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ebI was about to write the second part of my starting your business, but Elizabeth at La Toriana just emailed me to say that “we” are on the front page of the Essential Baby website today!
By “we”, I mean La Toriana, featuring an image of the exclusive TikiBoo Kids Fairyland Magic line we designed together.  It’s about halfway down the page.

That’s exciting!

What not to watch

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By popular request the Kindy Bags are now on All You Need along with a couple of new Samba Capri sets.

tbkboys-010This one is in the gorgeous Sandi Henderson waterlily print, one of favourite fabrics.  There is also a cutie in Farmer’s Market fabrics.

Our winter dress samples are complete, I just have to take some photographs.  I’m very happy with the way they turned out, sweet and simple, but still with a TikiBoo twist.

This blog has started to get a little…boring?  I’m wondering if I should include personal anecdotes and stories about my day, or would that make it even more boring?!  I love to read about other people and what they’re up to, so I guess if people don’t like it they can either ignore it or tell me to stick to the sewing!

On Sunday night I was planning an early night.  I sat down on the couch to say goodnight to my husband, and asked him to flick through and see if there was anything interesting to watch for 15 minutes.  Well, we came across Man Caves.  Uh huh.  Now, I love home renovationy, real estatey, changing rooms/gardens.  Love them.  Man Caves though…that’s a different story.  Spolit frat boys living in mansions who want to turn their 4 room basement into party central for the boys.  Think swanky bars, poker rooms, billiard halls.  All hosted by some obnoxious ex footballer.  How To channel, Sunday night.  Find something better to do.  Paint a wall and watch it dry.

What really shocking (reality) TV shows have you discovered recently?


Happy New Year…time for a giveaway!

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Well, sort of a giveaway!

My little girl starts at daycare once a week very soon.  One the list of things we need is a sheet bag.  So, I whipped one up this morning!  It’s made from good quality quilter’s cotton and had a drawstring.  her name is appliqued.


As happens, I showed the picture to a couple of people who suggested I add them to the All You Need website…but as with all our products, we need roadtesters and reviews!  So, if you have a kiddy who needs to take nap sheets to daycare, and you’d like to “win” a personalised sheet bag, please do the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your child’s name and age.

2. Go and visit my new blog Mama Loves to Shop and leave a comment on any post there.  (If you’re on blogger, then please follow the blog as well!)  It needs some love!

The winner will be drawn next Friday evening, 9th January.  NOW…

* If I get more than 30 comments from different people, I will draw 2 names. More than 70, 3 names.  So tell everyone…the more comments, the more chances.

* If you blog about the giveaway on your own blog, you will get a second entry – let me know in y0ur comment if you’ve done this.

* I have tons of different fabric designs, so you will get the chance to have some input into the colours of your bag.

**It has just been suggested to me that the bag could also be used as a library book bag!


Hooray, decision made and we have winners!

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Remember this post where I asked for some help to spend a gift voucher I won from La Toriana?

We selected the Gypsy  Rose skirt as suggested by both Kelly from Two Peas and Holly.  So, you both win a prize.  You can either pick a hair accessory from All You Need or I will pick half a metre of cute quilting weight fabric to send you…please let me know.

The skirt is so pretty, although a bit too big right now so I have put it away for next year…this is the image from La Toriana.

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