Let’s have another giveaway!

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A quick little giveaway!  I’m creating a new product and I need to make a prototype for photographing.  It’s a personalised product – so I’m going to be a little bit fussy, sorry!  Entries are open only to those with a child whose name is 5 letters or less!  I know, I’m horrible, but I’m the one who has to make it.  AND I’m not going to tell you what it is either.

So, to enter, please leave a comment telling me:  1. Your child’s name and 2. The colour of their room.  Entries will close 8pm Sunday, Brisbane time.

Easy!  If you aren’t a mummy, or your child’s name is too long you can enter your friend’s child, your niece or nephew…this would make a fantastic gift.




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  1. 1. Jacob.
    2. His room has white walls, but navy accessories.

  2. Ben :-p

    His room will be Red and Navy Blue

  3. 1. Harry
    2. Neutral walls, with bright coloured polka dots (aka wall candy dottylicious), so just about anything goes!

  4. Emma

    we’re currently redecorating her room, its going to be a soft pink with apple green accents.

  5. Can I submit both? (Not that I expect two =) )

    1. April
    2. Multi, but mainly bright pink

    1. Zac
    2. Yellow/aqua/white

  6. Lewis
    His room is going to be painted a grey blue and will have red, tan, other shades of blue ( light, dark, navy, aqua) and lime/apple green in it.

    Same as Lewis: His room is going to be painted a grey blue and will have red, tan, other shades of blue ( light, dark, navy, aqua) and lime/apple green in it.

  7. Lani
    Pink with bits of purple

  8. Hmmm who do I pick??


  9. Bella
    Pink and White

  10. Blake
    His room is “under the sea” themed so mostly blues and greens 🙂

  11. Zach. Blue wiht nemo stickers, thomas and cars accessories. Not fussy my kid

  12. Quinn
    Orange, Light Blue and Lime Green

  13. ALEX
    Orange, white and teal blue

  14. Zoe

    her new bedroom is lavender

  15. 1. Will
    Room colour is blues

    2. Hugh
    Room colour is red, navy with spaceman type theme

  16. Chloe

    Room colour is white with pink accents

  17. 1. Emma
    2. walls are neutral with vilot curtains and pink/violet butterfly/fairy accessories

  18. 1. Ayla
    2. Room is white & pink with fairies

  19. Chloe
    Cream with pink accents. If we win be prepared to make a second one as her and Allissa share a room. Just warning you!

  20. Oh oh! Erin’s name has five letters or less! Her room is currently white, but I’m planning to add a nice “girly” colour scheme with a few different colours – white, pink, purple, green. Something bright and fun. Good luck with your give away 😀

  21. 1. Mia
    2. Green, white, pink, blue, cream, brown… a bit of a vintage, shabby hodge-podge with florals, stripes, dots. etc.

  22. Mia
    and her room is a lavender colour (previous owners choice!!)
    :-)) Tina

  23. Bella
    Her room is not terribly coordinated. The walls are pale pink, the curtains are wine red, her doona is under the sea (so pale green and blue). That’s what happens when you let a 3 year old choose things!

  24. Luca

    White with blue/car/truck furnishings 🙂

  25. Jack
    Cream and blue

  26. My nephew’s name is Finn.
    His room is blue and red

  27. 1. Holly
    2. Her room is Pink and Torquoise

    1. Luke
    2. His room is Red, Blue and Green

  28. Cade
    His room in Pastal lime green with Light blue feature wall

  29. 1. Talyn
    2. Blue (spiderman theme atm)

    1. Evie
    2. Baby Pink and Baby Purple

  30. Matty

    Blue, red and yellow

  31. Sam

    his room is white- but his ‘accessories’ are lime green and navy

  32. 1. Aiden
    2. His room is navy and white in colour

    1. Asha
    2. Her room is coffee, beige and cream

  33. Bella: her room is all shades of pink!

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